Taking a break in the beautiful country of Greece is an idyllic holiday which can recharge your batteries and help you feel more like you again. After seeing the historical landmarks and making the most of the all inclusive buffet at the restaurant, the time you spend by the pool can be extensive. There’s only so much time you can spend in the pool so what else can you do to keep yourself occupied while you lounge in the sun?

Streaming your favourite shows can make time fly by and it keeps you up to date on any new films which have been added to the catalogue. But how can you access the TV shows and films on US Netflix from another country?

Change your location without actually moving

By effectively changing your location from Greece to the US you can gain access to all the US Netflix content you want with ease. Searching for αμερικάνικο νετφλιχ ( American Netflix ) on your device can throw up many different results which will essentially revolve the concept of a VPN. These specially designed systems allow you to surf the Internet with a minimal risk of being tracked or hacked.

A key benefit to using a reputable VPN service is that they can provide an assigned IP address which is based on a set location. In order to watch US Netflix shows you require an IP address which originates in the US. With a VPN provider you can hook up to a server which is based in the US and hence you can gain a US coded IP address. Using this coding you can make the streaming service believe that you are actually on US soil at the time.

Why is content not available everywhere?

Just because you want to watch αμερικανικό Netflix doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the chance. Although you can work your way around the geolock on content there are reasons behind why TV shows and films are locked to specific regions.

Have you ever tried watching a show only to be faced with an error message which dictates something like ‘not available in your area’? This is the consequence of content being geographically locked. This is often done because of copyright laws.  They can allow this if you book the shows by their Digital signature There are contracts attached to all shows and films on streamign services which cover all aspects like individual actors, names and trademarks. Collaborations on contracts often require locks on shows so that they are only shown to audiences relevant to the producers’ requirements.

Other restrictions which narrow down the barrier on where you can watch certain content which can often come from third party advertisers. Special adverts can be shown before, during or even after shows in order to reach related audiences. These contracts also have clauses which can be tied down to specific regions, which is another reason for streaming services to up their ante on clamping down illegal viewings of their geolocked content.