In today’s world, Search Engine Optimisation, popularly known as SEO has become an essential part of a successful marketing strategy. It can be explained as a process of developing a website in such a manner that it ranks high on the search results page when a person or a user searches for it using specified words or phrases.

For example:

A person searching for “best hotels nearby” in Google will opt for any one of the sites appearing towards the first if the search results.

Now how can a site rank high on a search result?

The algorithm of a search engine is such that it ranks the sites in a way most relevant to the keywords and phrases searched for. Companies and businesses use the help and benefits of SEO to make search engines like Google to understand what their content is about. This process of developing a site is called SEO.

What benefits does SEO offer to a business?

The main role of SEO in business and marketing is to improve the rankings of a website in search engine results.

So what advantages and benefits does a business enjoy if it appears on top of the search results?

Well, the benefits of seo service in india can be classified in the following heads:

  • Cost efficiency

A business needs to follow various methods to make the business reach out to the public. Advertising, social media marketing, etc. are some of them. The cost involved in all of these is comparatively higher than that of SEO. The benefits derived from spending on SEO is way more than those derived from spending in advertisements

  • Better traffic

The role of SEO itself tells about the benefits SEO gives regarding site traffic. A site, more visible to a user is more accessed than a site which isn’t visible to the user. The more a site is accessed, the more traffic it gains. And gaining traffic results in the popularity of the business or website

  • Quality traffic

SEOputs up a site on the top of the search list. Only the user searching for the particular query willclick on the site. Thus ultimately the site gets traffic which it needs and not anyone who mistakenly clicks on the site (which happens in case of ads).

Thus SEO benefits with quality traffic.

  • Increase in Revenue

A business spends less on promotion and gets more and quality traffic will receive more sales and revenue. The more a site is visited, the more are the chances of sales or revenue to occur for the business.

SEO can tell what and how users search for a particular commodity or service and then improve the site accordingly.

  • Never-ending promotion

SEO is, in a sense, a one-time promotional activity. A business need not pay a hefty sum of money at a fixed interval to keep the site ranking high.

It is like a setting done on the site that makes the site automatically appear first. Thus the business, along with the site, gets automatically promoted whenever the content is searched.


In today’s world, SEO has become a very important business strategyfor the overall success of a business. Though earlier, it wasn’t given much importance, now most businesses have realized that internet marketing strategy is equally important as other marketing strategies.

This is because of the fast development of technology and digitalization of business;people no longer prefer yellow pages or newspapers for queries.

Thus seo service in india has both non-commercial and e-commerce businesses on a long term basis.