Currently, globalization has an influence on countries in the world. Both positive and negative, for example, can be seen from the aspect of political globalization, government is run openly and democratically, because government is part of a country. If the government is run honestly, cleanly and dynamically, it will certainly get a positive response from the people. The positive response in the form of identity to the country has increased and public confidence will support what is done by the government. The second is seen from the aspect of economic globalization, the opening of international markets, increasing job opportunities and increasing a country’s foreign exchange. With this, it will improve the economic life of the nation which can support national life and will reduce poverty. Third, from the aspect of socio-cultural globalization, we can imitate good thinking patterns such as a high work ethic and discipline as well as science and technology from other developed countries to improve national discipline which ultimately advances the nation and will strengthen our identity towards the nation. And we can also exchange knowledge about the culture of a nation. Buy iPhone 12 to find out how advanced technology is today.

As for the negative influence of globalization on society in general, we can see that there is a sharp social gap between rich and poor, due to free competition in economic globalization. This can lead to conflicts that can disrupt the national life of the nation. As well as increasing the unemployment rate and poverty level of a nation. . The emergence of an attitude of individualism that causes indifference among fellow citizens. With individualism, people will not care about the life of the nation. Even though our national identity used to prioritize Gotong Royong, we often see now, for example, in elite housing / complexes, they do not necessarily know each other. From this alone, it is reflected that there is no concern, because if you don’t know it then you don’t love it.

Of course, these technological advances have caused enormous changes in human life with all its civilizations and cultures. Especially against teenagers. This change also has a huge impact on the values ​​that exist in society. Especially people with eastern culture and customs.

We can see how advances in technology have influenced the lifestyle and mindset of adolescents. They interact a lot with technology such as television, cellphones, or the internet. And also in terms of influence, they are the most vulnerable to negative effects / impacts from the technology.

Actually cellphones are very important for adolescents, because with these cellphones, teenagers can communicate more easily and smoothly, however, it turns out that cellphones can be a dangerous item when they are misused by children for negative things such as storing. Pornographic photos or videos and also used as a means of facilitating communication with the opposite sex for things that are less useful such as dating, so that the cellphone has a negative impact on children, especially adolescents such as promiscuity, sex outside of marriage and decreased achievement. learning can even happen when children take money or valuables belonging to their parents without permission just to buy credit.