for MacBook pro 


Has the LCD screen of your MacBook got damaged? Not completely sure how you are going to get it repaired all by yourself? Well, replacing the LCD screen of your laptop may initially seem to be an easy task to do. However, in reality, this is not the case. Repairing LCD screens of MacBook devices require you to be highly skilled.

You will also have to get yourself the required tools before getting the job. You may also take the help of a MacBook repair center and get your job done by an expert. You can also get an A1708 Motherboard Logic Board for your Macbook device in an effective way.

So, let us see how exactly you are going to fix the LCD screen of your laptop:

Heat The Edges of Your LCD Screen:

First, you will have to heat the edges of the screen where the adhesive has been attached. This will allow you to melt the adhesive so that you can remove the old screen easily.

Make Use of Suction To Remove Your Damaged Screen:

Now you can use suction in order to remove your damaged screen from the Retina display. In case you are not sure how exactly you are going to do this step, you can take the help of an expert.

Prepare The New Screen:

It is time for you to prepare the new Macbook screen. You can remove the adhesive from the Macbook body and make the screen ready for installation. In case there is any kind of damage to the retina display, then it is time for you to do that as well.

Apply The New Screen:

It is now the time for you to replace the old screen and place the new screen in its place. This is something that has to be done quite perfectly. Only then will you will get the desired results. You will have to apply the adhesive on the corners of the new screen and place it gently over the retina display. Ensure that there is no air bubble left. Otherwise, the desired objective cannot be attained.

Reheat Your Adhesive: 

It is important for you to reheat the adhesive properly. In that way, the gum will come to a fluid state and it will easily attach to the computer body. This will ensure that the screen is firmly attached to the device. Press the screen softly with a piece of cloth so that the adhesive is set effectively.

In this way, you will be able to replace the LCD screen of your laptop all by yourself. If you need any further help on MacBook screen replacement, you may connect with us. You can also get the best quality Apple a1502 LCD for MacBook pro from our store itself. This is going to make things really easy for you and you will be able to get your job done in a smooth and streamlined way.