Secure Are Two-Way Radios


A cost-efficient alternative to company phones are two-way radios. You can increase the productivity of your employees by having them use Motorola two-way radios. Instead of letting them be distracted by the various applications on a phone, you can limit them to use a device that’s only for something work-related.

If the only thing that you need out of a device is to let your employees communicate even if they are not close to each other, two-way radios are your best bet.

The biggest question, however, is how secure these two-way radios are. A good example is the common misconception about anyone being able to get on the frequency that your company’s using by accident.

Find out the truth about the security of two-way radios.

You Need To Have The Encryption Key To Process The Audio Signal

A myth about two-way radios is that you can simply pick up a handheld radio and invade any audio signal that you have in mind. This isn’t the case. You will need to have the encryption key before you start listening and fully communicating with those within that audio signal.

It’s up to the company, however, to set up the encryption key. If the workers don’t do it, then other radio users will be able to hear the signal voice.

If you want to keep the signals confidential, you have to transmit and receive the signal privately with the use of an encryption key.

Types Of Encryption

There are different types of encryption that are used when using two-way radios to communicate:

Analog encryption – This is installed on an add-on board into the radio so the encryption is processed by constantly changing the signal and inverting it. Compared to simple inversion which only has 35 keys, this method has 1020 number encryption keys.

Digital encryption – The FBI, military, and companies who use their two-way radios to communicate sensitive information such as those within the financial industry use digital encryption by using a device called keyloader. Compared to analog encryption, this provides you with more security.

Spoken Code – If you want an extra layer of security when you communicate through Motorola two-way radios, you can have a code that you use for different things. This can also make communicating more convenient if you have to constantly say long terms that can simply be shortened into a word that will be briefed to everyone in the company.

Hijacking An Audio Signal Is Next To Impossible

Even if a Motorola becomes compromised, hijacking an audio signal is impossible because you can just make everyone change their encryption keys by choosing a different audio signal the next meeting. Although there are hacks, they’re not as prevalent and as common as other devices.

Compared to an app on a phone that can be taken over if someone gets access to an admin’s account, you won’t have to worry about someone digitally accessing the audio signal then booting everyone off especially if you are in the middle of a crisis operation that requires constant connection with everyone else for reliable communication.

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