Driving Organic Traffic to Your Site


Do you want more people to visit your website? Are you wondering how chatbots can help you achieve this goal? In this article, we will take a look at how bots can help drive organic traffic to your site.

Why businesses use Messenger or chatbots?

A lot of experts think that right now is the right time to use them for your and your client’s business because, with all the rumors around it, people may know about it, but do not fully understands the how it works or how it can help their businesses.

Although messaging applications WhatsApp surpassed the messaging app giant Messenger when it comes to several users, experts believe that people should focus on Messenger because their users are sending more messages every month compared to the number of messages WhatsApp users are sending every month.

Also, the Facebook messaging app works with other platforms like Chatfuel and ManyChat, applications that are designed to make the life of non-coders to generate chatbots and get a successful result. Right now, platforms like Skype, Slack, WhatsApp or Telegram are still on the level of emails when it comes to how people can use them in marketing to other users.

Messenger AI is also an excellent way to boost the traffic to your site now that the social media giant Facebook’s algorithm is not prioritizing social media postings. With the help of chatbots, no algorithm controls what users see. Business or website owners can control or monitor the communication between their website and its users. That is why boosting traffic using this kind of application is a lot easier compared to regularly post to your business’ Facebook page or using email marketing.For more information about bot marketing, you can visit websites like https://smartbotmarketers.com.

How business or website owners can grow their bot lists

Experts share how site owners can grow their AI subscriber list using their social media platforms or website. On the website page, site owners can add personalized chat icons and slide-ins. Chat icons will look like a live icon that says messages like “How can we help you today?”

With these icons, users can have a communication with your site admins or representatives using a Messenger bot. The users never have to leave your site to get in touch with your AI. The chat tool looks like a live chat feature that people are familiar with. Slide-ins are like pop-up window that shows messages like, “Do you like to receive a message the next time we have the same blog post? If that’s the case, you can use Messenger.”

These features let business and site owners to capture users who visit their website before they begin directing the traffic to their site. They can add chat icons and slide-ins on their home page as well as to their blog article page. This technique is the same as the one used to generate emails using a lead magnet. They can also combine AI and email subscription requests and start testing the delivery of the lead magnet or discount code using a bot.

To add chat icons or slide-ins to the site, you can use an AI-building mediums like ManyChat. This process is not that difficult. FB Messenger gives users, a small checkbox that you can add you your site; business owners can simply select the box to be added to the Messenger list. If you are combining AI subscription and email capture, you can add the checkbox to the form.You can click here to find out how Artificial Intelligence help chatbots become a lot better for businesses.

For the bot-building medium to connect to the site and the Messenger bot, your website should be set up together with the platform that they are using. For example, after they set up ManyChat on their website, it allows all the check boxes from the platform to connect the users to the AI that they are using.

But if business owners uses forms that are created using their email providers, the process will become a little bit more complex. A lot of experts also note that Messenger AI will require users to use a two-step opt-in. After the user opt-in using the checkbox on their website, the user still needs to answer to the bot in Messenger so that they can subscribe to it. The AI works this way so that the advertisers cannot use them to blast everyone’s inbox.

The next thing you need to do for the next step of the opt-in is to ask the users what kind of communications they need to see from the business owners. Chatbots make it easier to organize their audience in detail, and start doing the right way.

Aside from chat icons and slide-ins, your site can also include links that will attract people to your chatbot. Business owners can also add these special links to your social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Medium or to the emails. Since these link tracks where the traffic came from, the AI can send a positive message based on that.

How to attract bot subscribers to your site

After users subscribe to your site’s AI, sending them back for a precise reason is very important. You cannot ask them to check out your site; you need to give them reasons to return to your website if you have several suitable materials like videos or articles about specific topics that can attract traffic to the articles or videos.

After the users say that they are interested in the materials, they can now send messages to lead them to the site. Between each video or articles, you can apply a delay in conversations and engage with the people about your materials.

You can set a full or half day, an hour or even 30-minute delay or how much time you allow them before the AI sends them a message. After the site engages the users about the contents, you can add another delay before you can share the next materials to your users.