MBBS abroad - A comparison among countries


Being a medical graduate, is one most respectful and privileged profession in India. Doctors in India are treated next to Gods. With other professions being affected by recession, this is one profession that is affected in a positive manner. Since medical education in India is very costly, students have started looking for options to study MBBS in Abroad.  Today, students travel to countries for MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Kazakhstan, MBBS in Belarus, MBBS in Ukraine and many more countries.  Students themselves do a lot of homework before choosing to study MBBS abroad. This generation is quite intelligent and knows the way to collect information. Social media works as an advantage for this generation. But it also works as a demerit for those who lack knowledge, who are not aware of the reliable sources. More than a blessing, social media is working as a hazard. The consultants and students turned consultants are taking over the advantage to cheat the poor and helpless students.

Yet a good number of student travel to far off lands for MBBS abroad. Let’s see in this article, what in the store for these countries to offer.

MBBS in China:  China is our neighbouring country and is known for imparting quality education. The education cost as well as living costs is cheap in China as compared to countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia etc. MBBS in China is also a short duration course, only for 5 +1 year. This means that study mbbs in china is a 5 year degree program plus one year of Internship/practical training. If the student takes up internship in China, he will not have to pursue the same again in India. Yes, qualifying MCI/FMGE examination is mandatory to start practicing in India. Unlike MBBS admissions in the countries mentioned above, admission for MBBS in China is a hassle free process. There is no entrance exam for MBBS in China seat. Tuition fees for MBBS in China start from 30000 RMB per year.  There are 45 medical universities offering English medium MBBS in China curriculum. All these 45 medical universities are government approved by Ministry of Education, China, listed in MCI & WHO. The weather in China is suitable for Indians. It is because of these reasons; MBBS in China is the most liked option among Indian students.

MBBS in Russia: MBBS in Russia has been a choice since the early 90’s, even when MBBS in China was not known to the international students. But as soon as China started offering a shorter duration curriculum, students were diverted towards mbbs in china. Unlike MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia is a 6 years course. The student has to purse internship/practical training both in Russia and in India, on successfully clearing MCI/FMGE. The temperature in Russia is on the colder side and during the peak winters it gets real difficult for Indian students to accommodate. But since there are more seats in Russia as compared to China, a good pool of students is seen going for MBBS in Russia every year as well. The fee for MBBS in Russia is also low and so MBBS in Russia is also an affordable destination for students. As there is a good pool of student travelling every year, there are facilities for mess and private hostels in Russia for an easy living. But at the same time, it is also a demerit as these are the private facilities outsourced to the third parties. The third parties charge for the facilities as per their norms and there is no saying for the university.

Countries like Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia have the same duration course. The universities are more or less the same. Apart from the government universities, there are also some of the private universities in these countries. It is suggested that a student must check everything about the university and the facilities being provided before he/she takes an admission. A student must visit the university website and gain all the information that he/she can, so that the same can be cross questioned from the consultant who commits to get and admission on behalf of the student. There are countries like Kazakhstan and Tajikistan offering a 5 years MBBS degree program as on date. But, make a note that the internship of these countries is not valid in India. Therefore, a student will have to take up the internship program in India only after successfully clearing MCI/FMGE program, which ultimately increases the duration of study and not like MBBS in China. Also there are some private universities that claim to complete the course curriculum in 6years based on credit system where the government universities in the same country is offering MBBS as a 6 year degree program. It is advisable to collect all the information from reliable sources and take a decision.