PPC Agency Manhattan: In-House Versus Outsourcing. You Decide


Pay-Per-Click is popular with a lot of companies. The one thing people wrestle with is whether to outsource the problem or to keep things in-house. Both have their pros and cons. Time to explore those pros and cons below.

In-House: The Benefits of Doing It

1) The first thing that tops the list is the sense of control people feel when they keep things in-house. Peter will have greater urgency when it comes to dictating what does and does not happen. The person can always walk over to their teammate when there is a problem and sort it out. The same cannot be said for outsourcing.

Outsourcing may be a little slow on convenience. Say Peter needs some help with his PPC marketing campaign. He has to wait for the guy to come to him. Peter is at the mercy of the guy he has paid to fix the problem, unfortunately.

The guy could be helping someone else when Peter needs his help. Peter will have to wait for the problem to get fixed. In-housing does not come with that kind of downtime unless his staff is delayed doing something else. Either way, the time it takes for Peter to get the answers he needs is greatly reduced.

2) Outsourcing the job may require Peter to go through a lot of explanation, whereas, the in-house guy knows what is going on right away. He can help out with needing to listen to the external information because that is his job.

Outsourcing: The Benefits

1) There is power in numbers. Peter might have exposure to people and technology he has never known before. Peter’s in-house staff may only be equipped to handle so much. His staff might have time on their side, but they may not have the right tools for the job. Outsourcing comes with a variety of tools and resources. The goal is to choose the right resources and implement them.

2) Peter will have to pay for these services, but the price will be reduced significantly.

Peter could look around online to find a firm to come and take care of the problem. The only drawback is that their fee is going to be much higher. The other drawback is the firm may not have the necessary tools to do the job. That means Peter spends more money hiring someone else that the third-party has recommended to him. That is the last thing Peter wants to do.

That is one benefit to outsourcing the work. The PPC Agency Manhattan company Peter hires has a history with PPC and knows what to do and when. The same cannot be said for other third-party firms that advertise online with only a limited knowledge of PPC.

Peter needs something that is not too complicated, and someone who will get the job done without him paying an arm and leg to do it.

What Should Peter Do?

The choice is ultimately up to Peter. However, the first thing he should do is look at his current staff. Can they do what he needs to have completed in regards with PPC? Do they have the right skills to manage his PPC campaigns and make the necessary changes?

Peter should assess his current staff’s strengths and weaknesses. Talk to some of the staff. Ask them how they feel about taking on a new role. The outcome of those meetings and inquiries will give Peter an idea of which way he needs to go