Successful famous luxury brands on Instagram


Almost all of the famous brands in the world have their own page on Instagram , because this is a social platform mainly for photos and videos , and this is the best option for brands to present their products. Their posts are usually related with popular people , exotic destinations and luxury items. In the previous blog we spoke about some of the most famous brands on Instagram and now we will continue with the same topic and find out other famous luxury brands with great marketing strategies on Instagram.

Christian DIOR.

The world’s biggest luxury brand Christian Dior known as Dior was founded in December , 1946 in France by the famous designer Chrisitan Dior.The company designs luxury skin products, make-up, footwear ,accessories,jewelry ,fragrance and clothing.The company designs clothing for children as well.The brand has fashion stores in the whole world , however they  have a website and everybody can purchase online as well. The label has their loyal customer base that purchase from them rapidly and they regularly purchase new products. On Instagram the company is followed by almost 30 million people. The brand publishes photos of celebrities on the red carpet ,wearing Dior. The label knows how to engage their audience for sure.

Louis Vuitton.

In 1854 the fashion designer and businessman Louis Vuitton established a luxury fashion label , called Louis Vuitton Malletier, commonly known as Louis Vuitton ( LV ).The french fashion house make luxury shoes,books, watches,sunglasses jewelry, accessories and clothing.The company has more than 250 stores in around 55 countries around the world. The brand is well known to millions of people from the whole world. The brand has a Instagram following of 37 million people.They have great balance between Instagram followers and likes ,however they might buy high quality Instagram likes from suppliers that provide this kind of services.  They publish pictures of people from different races and nationalities from all points in the world which symbolises that everyone is equal and deserve to be well dressed.The brand is collaborating with celebrities like Madonna ,Jenifer Lopes, Angelina Jolie and many more. Even some famous hip-hop musicians as Wiz  Khalifa and Kanye West mentioned the label in their songs.


One of the most fashion influential people in the world during the XX century Gabrielle Bonheur best known as Coco Chanel is the founder of one of the most luxury brands these days.The company focus is on high ,luxury fashion and they design clothing ,bags and luxury accessories. They also released the well known perfume – Chanel No. 5 in the distant 1921.Even in 1952 the famous american singer ,actress and model was asked by journalists what she wears in bed and she answered “Chanel No.5” The design bottle of the pregnancy has never changed since it was created. It is emblematic. When it comes to Instagram,the brand has 38,8 million people following their page. Chanel is considered to be the most influential brand on social media and has the best engagement rate from all famous luxury brand.

Most of the brands have already realised how useful Social Media can be for their business. It may bring many benefits and profits if the owner of the business  is aware of how exactly to use the marketing tools and features that Instagram provides and engage their audience with the content. Instagram is a really effective way of improving your business, sales and income if you manage to rule your account the right way. The application is gaining more and more popularity so hurry up and be successful with the support of Instagram.