The Best Tools to Keep Your Employees


Sometimes, all you need to ensure a strong relationship with your employees is communication. With stable communication, you can grow your business effectively. You can easily make changes that your employees can follow. Most of all, constant communication is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. And all of that is possible if you have tools that can both improve communication and workflow. Luckily, has the best internal communication software and enterprise workflow automation perfect for your company to utilize to help your employees engage with one another and improve work ethics.

If you want to have stronger communication with your employees while making sure that work is not compromised, the tools from can aid you with that problem. Cutting through communication noise and automating tasks through the two apps from can help you better manage your business even from afar. Even leading brands trust it!

Better Communicate & Engage with Your Employees

A company can only become successful with the help of its employees. Without them, the company would tumble down. But with better communication, you can influence your employees in many ways. That’s how’s internal communication tool works. It looks like an app, so there is no learning curve. All employees, even frontliners, can use it. You can post important updates, information, and announcements on your employees’ feeds. They can easily navigate through the app and become more engaged with other colleagues. You can pin crucial information on top so your employees can see it instantly.

Relay information more quickly and effectively by sending alerts on your employees’ phones to ensure maximum reach and that no one has missed it. Ensure everyone is on the same page with the in-line translations. Check if the information has been consumed by employees through the digital read-receipts and acknowledgments. All of these and more are possible only at

Keep Track of Workflow and Automate Tasks

Keeping track of your work can be difficult, especially if there’s just so much to do. But with’s workflow automation software, you can easily track your tasks and know what you need to work on instantly. Aside from that, make your job easier and faster by automating tasks and creating custom multi-step workflows for a more effective work ethic. You can also improve efficiency with digital approvals. Go paperless by approving your employees’ requests through the software. Avoid reduced productivity and wasting time thanks to a faster way of approving requests.

Track work status and enable employees to work and collaborate on one project. The software allows them to draft a task, coordinate with other people involved, save an unfinished draft, and delegate it to the next colleague who can pick up from where the previous employee left off. It makes work faster and easier for everyone.