Top Personal Safety Apps You Should Invest In Today


The world has modified enormously within the previous few years. With all the data promptly accessible and therefore the ease with that privacy will be broken, safety may be a growing concern for several. something will happen even in broad daylight, and that we don’t seem to be thus safe any longer. the foremost vulnerable teams ar ladies, children, and therefore the older. With the increasing rate of crimes, investment in an exceedingly personal safety app is currently additional required than ever before.

Personal safety apps ar a decent investment. they can not stop incidents from occurring, however they’ll boost your personal safety with their options. facilitate|they assist} in staying connected to your darling ones and help in knowing their location to make sure they’re safe. Personal safety apps use SMS, GPS, alerts, Associate in Nursingd alarm options to make sure everyone seems to be alerted just in case of an emergency state of affairs.

Here’s a listing of a number of the simplest personal safety apps that ar necessity for your personal safety –

Watch ME Over

Watch ME over may be a personal safety app. the house screen app shows the statement”Watch ME over” whereas I ” the choices show the actions you’re attending to do.”This app may be a monitor that may tell your family and friends what you’re doing and wherever you’re.
By turning the watch ME over button when adding the action, you alert them concerning your location.

The app confirms you’re safe with a timer you wish to disable, or a right away alert are going to be sent to your selected contact list via SMS and email in conjunction with your connected location. Currently, it’s obtainable for each IOS and golem. The app prices concerning $24 for a year. encompasses a list of the elaborate operating of private safety apps and why you ought to invest in them these days.

bSafe App

bSafe is another personal guard that’s obtainable for each golem and IOS users. it’s Associate in Nursing SOS possibility and a live location chase choice to let your guardians grasp once you ar on your approach back home.

The app permits you to feature contacts of these you’ll reach in Associate in Nursing emergency state of affairs via calls and texts. touching the red SOS button sends a right away tuned in to your designated contacts and switches on a bright lightweight on your one. The bSafe app can price you $30 per annum.

Stay Safe

The keep safe app is made on the conception of predetermined timers. all of your activities will be set with a timer, and just in case you’re absent to modify off the timer once it’s up, a right away tuned in to your designated contact list are going to be sent. This app additionally encompasses a double PIN system. the primary pin is employed to show off the timer. The second pin may be a faux pin that may close up the timer however still send your SOS tuned in to your darling ones to allow them to grasp somebody is threatening you.

Other notable characteristics ar the extra time buttons, the cancel chase button, and therefore the push. The nonfat version does not have all the options, and you wish to upgrade to the premium version to avail of most of the options. keep Safe is offered for each golem and IOS.


A revolutionary app designed particularly for school students, OnWatch has student-friendly options. it’s a decision 911, alert my friends button, and decision field police choices. This additionally syncs together with your social media accounts and alerts once you ar out of stock to modify off the timer. The app what is more includes a drug and domestic abuse helpline repository and is useful for such things. OnWatch so is Associate in Nursing app to appear out for you and alerts your friends to stay a check on you. The app is presently solely obtainable for IOS.

Our world these days has undergone changes from the last hundred years, and it’s essential to use technology to our advantage. Personal safety apps can perpetually alert your friends and family concerning your location and therefore the state of affairs you’re stuck in to induce you needed facilitate and to save lots of you from risky things. Invest in one these days.