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Today we live in a world where we seem to be totally and fully dependent on technology. Children get smartphones at a pretty early age. A recent report showed that the average age of kids getting hands on their first smartphone is 10.3 years.

Well, at that age I used to play with plastic toys and none of them was a phone Kids being kids can use this powerful tool against them and become the victim of cyberbullying, viewing or accessing inappropriate content and other online threats. To protect this from happening there are quite a few companies who have come up with smartphone spying apps. Recently, I stumbled upon yet another effective smartphone monitoring solution, Wiztechie. And in this article, we are going to do a detailed Wiztechie review.

WiztechieReviewIf you are looking to hire a hacker for any reason. Whether you want to monitor your kids or loved one’s smartphone activity. Or you want to gain remote access into any website or database, Wiztechie will help you to do so.

To give you a brief overview, Wiztechie is one of the best ethical hacker for hire service out there. The cell phone monitoring service for instance needs no access to the cell phone. It is all done remotely. Once you request and set up the service on the target phone you can see all the target smartphone data like call logs, messages, etc. in your Wiztechie account.

This might have given you a little bit of idea about some of the things you can do with Wiztechie. Now, let us dive into the details.

How To Use Wiztechie Phone Monitoring1. To get started, visit Wiztechie official website. You can then request the specific service which you will be interested in.

It is quite easy to register and all you need is your Email id and set the desired password. After that hit Sign Up.

2. After creating an account on Wiztechie, login to your account. On signing in, the website will start the setup process of Wiztechie on the target device. The website gives clear instructions on how to proceed and even a layman can follow them. In any case, we have mentioned the same here as well.

3. First, you need to enter the name and age of the target device owner. Also, choose the operating system (Android or iOS) of the target phone and click on Next.

4. Now, it is time to get to the target device. Enable app installation from Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Toggle Unknown Sources to On) and disable Google Play Protect option ( Settings> Google > Security > Google Play Protect > Toggle ‘Scan device for security threats’ to OFF).

5. You are now all set to install Wiztechie on the phone to be monitored. Visit the below link on the target phone to download Wiztechie app.

When the page loads, swipe right to start downloading the .apk file. After the download is completed, install the app similar to how you would install any other app.

6. When the app is installed, launch it and sign in to your Wiztechie account created above.

7. Now, tap on Grant and allow all permission requests. This is will allow Wiztechie to access all the content on the device which will eventually help you to track it.

8. After allowing all permission requests you need to activate the device administrator. In order to do so, tap on Activate.

9. At last, you will get an option to keep or hide Wiztechie app icon on the target device. You can choose the one that works for you and select Start Monitoring. This will initiate syncing of data on the target phone to Wiztechie server.

10. You can head over to the website and click on Complete. The website will check for successful setup of the app on the target device and if everything is fine it will show you a success message. Here you need to click on Start Monitoring.

Wiztechie Review: Key Features of Wiztechie Cell Phone SpyWiztechie has tons of monitoring capabilities that allow you to stay on top of the target phone activities. Here is the list of few main ones.

1. Call Logs AndMessagesYou will be able to get a detailed list of outgoing and incoming calls. It will have the contact name, number, duration, date and time of the calls. You can also filter them by time like – This Month, Last 7 Days, etc.

Similarly, you can also look at the text messages that are received and sent on the target right from your Wiztechie account from anywhere.

2. Browser HistoryWith all sorts of information available on the web, you got to be careful what your kids are accessing. Wiztechie makes this really easy by allowing you to get the history of the browser on the target phone. This way you’ll know whether the child is viewing something that’s safe or not for them and you can step in at the right time.

3. WhatsApp MessagesWell, WhatsApp is the place where most people chat today. So, ignoring it is not a good option. With Wiztechie, you can look at all the WhatsApp conversations on your kid’s phone. Not only WhatsApp but it also supports LINE.

Final ThoughtsIf you are looking for a reliable ethical hacking service, Wiztechie is one of the very few hackers you can count on. Wiztechie offers a broad range of hacking services. These include cell phone hack, examination hack and grade change, social media and email. As well as any other specialized hacking service you may be interested in. To request the service, send your request to – wiztechie@tutanota.com