7 Creative Ways To Use Stock Footage Videos In India


Do you want to lend your product, professional website or even freelance work the ‘WOW’ factor? Or do you want to enhance the experience of your website-users many times over? Well, both these things are easily attainable with the creative and clever usage of stock footage and videos, which will definitely add the glam element to your work and make sure that it sparks of creativity and enhances it to the next level!

So, what are you waiting for? You can source hundreds of unique and exclusive stock footages on our website that can be used free of any royalty to convey what you want to say in a better fashion. The stock footage offers the dynamism that is found lacking in images or photos and helps keep you, viewers, more engaged.

So how do you use the stock footage for your content? There are multiple ways in which you can use the stock content. Here are the top seven most creative ways to use these stock footages in India:

1. Social Media Posts:

What is the fastest and the most efficient way of reaching your target audience? Social media. With the explosion of social media, you can now reach out to your customers and people in their network and in fact, a wider spectrum of audience. You can now post videos and accompanying content on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Video content makes for a more engaging read than an image or just plain written content. In fact, Facebook’s algorithms are designed to display video content ahead of all other types of content. So, this is the most effective way for you to reach your audience.

2. On your website:

You can now give your website a rejig and shake things up a bit. Get rid of those old images and boring text that goes on and on. It’s time to replace them with good interesting videos that keep your audience engaged. Several websites of Indian companies and services still use age-old outdated images accompanied by text content that goes on for pages together. Now you can streamline this and make it simpler and easier for your potential visitors to understand what you do by instead displaying relevant stock footage that is easier to browse through and watch. An intro video or a header video using stock footage will be a great addition to any website’s landing page and adds more catchiness to it.

3. Blog posts:

Let’s face it, your blog might be awesome. It may have a great UI (User Interface) and fantastic content. But the attention span of the average Indian internet user is lower than ever and only keeps dropping. People are so used to instant news feeds, condensed content and videos that they often skip past voluminous pages of content, even if it may be useful or what they were looking for. Enter video content. This is the easiest and most effective way to convey what you want to say to your audience, without getting them bored. Now your blog posts can be more awesome than ever, as they now are accompanied with engaging video content apart from the useful text.

4. As filler content:

You may have an awesome video collection of your own and may want to create your own montage with the video content that you have. You can instead use the stock footage as a filler content in between your own content. Sometimes you may not have content that helps you transition from one scene to another or sometimes content that you have may have an abrupt ending. You can gloss over these misgivings with the help of stock content that can act as filler content and can fill in the gaps left while transitioning between different scenes or videos. You may not always have the budget to shoot or create perfect content or content in its entirety. So using the stock footage as a filler content not only provides a better finish but also helps you save some precious amount from your marketing or advertising budget.

5. “How things get done” video:

Every customer likes to know where they get their stuff or service from. One of the biggest fallacies created by product manufacturers and services providers is that they don’t let their customers know much about how it’s done. The assumption is often that no one cares. But the reality is that people do care and are more likely to be confident about your product or service if they see the process involved. So, the simplest thing to do is to source a string of footage or content relevant to your products and services and make a video montage of it. You can add some personality and liveliness to the video by providing a voice over of what is happening. A visual representation of your process will help your customers build more trust in you and your product or service and it also adds a bit of personal touch to it.

6. Creating a “how to” product video:

A “how to” guide is an integral part of a product or a service. It is, in fact, as important as the product or the service in itself. But most products or services come with an instruction manual, which has fine print and go on for pages. Your customers aren’t going to be too happy flipping through the pages on this. Instead, you can create a “how to” video using stock footage that can help your customers understand how to either use the product or set it up or maintain it. This provides personalized information that is sure to improve customer satisfaction. Use stock footage to put together a video mix that shows all that you need to show about your product. Who said that stock footage can be used only for marketing? It can be used to improve your products’ support as well. Now you can get rid of those boring user manuals on your products and instead show your clients the “how to” product video instead.

7. Marketing video:

One of the prime use cases for stock footage is for marketing, but you rarely see people or businesses using them or executing them well. You can use some exclusive and relevant stock footage to create awesome and engaging marketing videos. It is extremely unlikely that you are going to get an absolutely perfect stock video that is appropriate for your video. So, get ready to be a little creative. Find the most appropriate stock footage video content that would be ideal for your product or service. Make sure that you have some good video editing software to put up pieces of different content into the video. You may also want to add your own content including product catalogs or other content into the video. Then add a voice-over to describe your services or products. This will provide a more personalized feel to your customers or potential customers.

So, there you have it, folks. These were the top seven ways to use stock footage content in India. The stock footage provides you with more flexibility to convey your ideas and allows you to communicate your ideas in a more creative fashion. So, make the best use of our stock footage in creating engaging content.