prepaid recharge


It’s a disaster waiting to happen when you fail to do the prepaid recharge on time. We guide you on the steps to follow for quick online recharge.

The only time you realise how important your phone is to your daily life, is when you forget your phone at home, or when you misplace it.

Your prepaid phone has little point of difference from a postpaid one. It has great network speeds, and you get high amounts of daily data as well. But one aspect of using a prepaid phone connection really annoys you, and that is recharging it.

But with the right recharge apps or e-wallet at your disposal, you can do the prepaid recharge in under two minutes. The recharge is processed right away, and you do not experience any interruption of services or drop in network speeds.

Why recharging your phone on time is important…

Your prepaid connection helps you out every day by connecting you to the world. Since you took your connection from a leading provider, you also enjoy superfast network speeds and always-on connectivity. Plus, you have an excellent prepaid plan, to boot.

But all of this will come to naught if you do not recharge your phone on time. You must recharge your phone every time:

  • The pack validity (measured in days) runs out
  • The balance amount on the pack runs out

Your service provider will send you an SMS alert informing you about the impending recharge date. You will also be provided with a link – just follow it to complete the prepaid recharge.

Not recharging on time results in the connection losing its texting and outgoing calls facility for a limited period of time. You may still receive calls and SMSs during this time. Even after the stipulated time has elapsed and the recharge is not done, your connection will be suspended till you complete the recharge.

How to do the prepaid recharge online

A few steps and a couple of minutes are all you need to do the online prepaid phone recharge. This is what you do:

* Access your service provider’s e-wallet or Airtel Payments Bank. The Payments Bank can be loaded with money, or linked with your debit/credit card. When you recharge the connection, the money is auto-debited from your account.

* Enter your mobile phone number, operator name (if using Airtel Payments Bank), circle/city, and the recharge amount. After this, the payment is processed right away and the prepaid recharge is confirmed.

* However, if you wish to change your prepaid plan, you can browse for new plans instead of adding the recharge amount right away. Airtel Payments Bank allows this facility, amongst the only service providers to offer a comprehensive range of operators. If you find another plan that is more suitable to your use, you can change your pack at this stage and proceed to do the prepaid recharge.

* You can now continue using your phone as you always do, without any interruption in your services.