The world of the Battlegrounds of Player Unknown collides with the DC Universe. The Joker and Harley Quinn — the Suicide Squad versions of Jared Leto and Margot Robbie — will appear as playable character skins in PUBG that will soon be available.

In terms of skin details, the game developer PUBG Corp. has not provided much. There is no date of official release. PUBG Corp. just announced the “coming soon” of the skins. A trailer featuring the characters dropped down and showed the two breaking out of Miramar’s jail, but this is about as much information as is currently available. Will the skins be available only for a limited period? Will they be accompanied by a new mode of play or will they take part in the same old survival game offered by standard PUBG? Who knows it!

Adding Harley Quinn and the Joker to PUBG makes one thing clear: they chose their side in the comic wars of the battle royal games. DC’s decision to lend its characters to PUBG follows Marvel’s footsteps, who teamed up for a Thanos cameo in that game with Fortnite. A limited game mode accompanied the Mad Titan’s appearance. It was also directly linked to Avengers ‘ release: Infinity War. There seems to be no DC movie featuring Harley Quinn or the Joker scheduled anytime soon — though on December 14th Aquaman hits theaters.

The rival Fortnite of PUBG also had a similar collaboration but with the Universe of Marvel. Earlier this year, Epic Games released mashup for a limited time from Fortnitex Avengers: Infinity Wars. Users could become Thanos here and use the Infinity Gauntlet in a limited time mode to kill enemies. Players capturing the Infinity Gauntlet could turn into the character of Thanos.

It’s interesting to see the two most popular games of Battle Royale competing with Marvel and DC universe characters.