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Bill payment, monitoring and management has never been easier – and only Airtel offers these privileges with the postpaid connection.

The online medium has simplified our lives to a large extent. Nowhere is this clearer than in the arena of personal finance and money management.

Since you have the option of paying utility and phone bills online, you have the clear advantage of transacting whenever you want online and using whichever medium is most convenient to you (in terms of payment option). You can use a smartphone app or the provider’s website to make your payment. The best part is, you don’t have to wait for your bank’s business hours to pay bills – the money is debited whenever you finish the transaction, and the bill is deemed paid.

Why you need a good online bill management system

Though paying your bills online is easy, it is not always easy to monitor your transaction history, or manage multiple bills at once. It depends largely on how easy the bill payment and management process is made by the mobile service provider.

When you can access past bills, manage multiple accounts under the same account, have the option of using both the provider’s website and smartphone app to pay bills, and multiple online payment options, then bill management becomes a breeze.

Leading providers like Airtel offer all of the above features, and the easiest bill payment and management systems online. If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of being an Airtel postpaid customer, then you should switch to Airtel postpaid bill payment pronto! Once you buy a new Airtel postpaid SIM, you will realise how easy bill payment is online.

How to pay your Airtel postpaid bill

The Airtel postpaid bill payment process is really easy, and it is done in just a few steps:

  • Open the Airtel website or myAirtel app. Look for ‘Postpaid’ and ‘bill payment’.
  • Enter your 10-digit Airtel postpaid phone number in the space provided.
  • Once you enter the number, Airtel validates it and prompts you to enter the Airtel postpaid bill payment amount. Input it and then hit ‘Continue to Pay’.
  • You will now be prompted to choose between different payment options: Airtel Payments Bank, Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, Wallets and UPI. Choose the option that is most preferable to you and hit ‘Pay Now’ to finish paying the postpaid bill.

Handle multiple Airtel accounts in one

Airtel postpaid also extends the wonderful myAirtel Family Plan feature, in which you can club all the Airtel accounts in your household under one umbrella account. This helps you keep a watch on bills, manage prepaid and postpaid accounts, get up to 20% off on the overall bill you pay (after consolidating all bills) and manage all the bills in an easier way on a single interface.

Apart from postpaid bill payment, the myAirtel Family plan allows you to set limits on prepaid recharges, and alerts for bill due dates.