Few Ways to Make Money with Your Twitter Account 2019


Twitter is the main component of any marketing campaign for social media.

You don’t need a blog to make money through Twitter.

There are several methods you can make money without selling your product or services on Twitter.

Twitter is a secure platform, not just a conduit for web marketing. You can build a Twitter account around a lucrative niche — make cash online, educate online

Or maternity, for instance — and accumulate a significant amount of supporters interested in that niche. You can then tweet connections to exciting content from around the internet, providing something of value to your supporters without having to produce content on your own.

So how are you gaining cash? You do the same on a website: selling advertisements, sponsored links, and marketing affiliates. Here are a few programs on Twitter that can assist you in making cash. You should aim to get as many retweets as possible, buy Twitter retweets if you are struggling to be visible.

#1 My Likes

You can use MyLikes as a comprehensive ad platform on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and your blog. You can select advertisements from thousands of advertisers, and you can plan when your account will tweet the ad. You can gain up to $0.42 per click and receive a weekly payout.


Ad.ly is another advertising service that allows you to send advertisements in your tweets. You’re not getting paid-per-click though. Instead, you develop a profile of your interests; then advertisers can choose to advertise a campaign on your account. On a particular timetable, you agree to send out a specific amount of tweets and you are paid a lump sum.

 #3 Rev Twt

Rev Twt is an advertising service based on Twitter and a pay-per-click platform. The more supporters you have, and the higher the reputation you have, the more access to higher-paid campaigns you will have. Payout is produced through PayPal when you earn $20.

 #4 Twittad

One of the first sponsored-tweet networks is claimed to be the Twittad platform. You can set your cost-per-click, but to accept your offer, you have to wait for advertisers. You will also need to define your niche to allow advertisers to match their products properly with you. Payment is produced through PayPal if you have earned up to $30.

There are numerous different strategies you can make money with your Twitter account, including selling regular promotions on your profile page, setting your very own taxes and selling direct supported tweets, charging to send your adherents an individual message, or charging to get to your rundown of supporters.

Also, these advertising services can assist you in making cash through pay-per-click advertising, which can be particularly profitable if you have a big follower.

#5 Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a public Twitter ad service that lets you set your price-per-click for advertisements you tweet. You can choose the advertisements you tweet from a list of available advertisements updated continuously. You need at least 50 supporters, 100 Tweets, and a 60-day account to register for this service.

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