Spying Alert: 3 Amazing Tools to Gauge on a Website’s Traffic


Almost each web site visit you visit uses some analytics tools to track users and their activity. There are traffic estimation tools that use keywords knowledge and their rankings to estimate the traffic. Today, we’ll share details of such tools with you. These tools are widely utilized by advertising agencies, webmasters, SEO gurus, digital marketers, etc. If you’re looking to carve a niche for yourself and increase your brand’s image and want to understand proportion quantity of traffic will a web site get each day, month, year, use the below tools:

  1. Similar Web

This is the most effective website to envision web site traffic. SimilarWeb displays what quantity traffic a website gets from search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, etc. to induce started with SW, open it. You’ll notice a text box. Once you enter its name within the search box and click on on the search icon, SW can cause you to alert to the quantity of visitors the online portal gets monthly. SimilarWeb lets users understand the bounce rate, prime referrals, country rank, world rank, the class rank of the web site. You can also export traffic report as a PDF file.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a widely used tool in the digital marketing world. It helps digital marketers make crucial decisions by providing valuable engagement information. Not just that, it also shows what keywords boost competitor’s search engine rankings, which in turn helps to create a kickass marketing strategy to boost yours. It also allows you to filter traffic by country and device— mobile or desktop. The tool enables marketers to have an insight into their advertising approach and compare the same with their rivals. By doing so, brands can gauge on parameters making their competitors famous.  This will also allow them to optimize their ad spend.

  1. Quantcast

Quantcast offers an array of analytics and data mining tools which help you better understand the behavior of your audiences across various devices and platforms. The tool comes in two parts— Quantcast Measure and Quantcast Advertise. The former is provided for free and offers a complete demographic and geographic analysis of the traffic. Using this tool, you can see details such as the number of mobile app users, visits, and page views. Moreover, you can recognize audience interests, other sites your audience visit, and sources of audience traffic.  For using the latter one, you need to take the paid subscription. It uses Quantcast measure to provide predictive intelligence about the customer’s journeys and the buyer’s persona.

So overall, Quantcast is an intuitive and informative tool that you must have in your marketing toolkit.

Marketing tools: The marketers’ way of excelling the marketing world

We know the competition to thrive in the online space has become so ruthless. You need to put your blood, sweat, and tears. These tools will help you to step up your marketing game and take up your brand’s visibility to the next level.