Popular Fitness Apps of 2019


Nothing more can be done about your body rather than to get in shape, working out to be in shape. It removes all the bad things and encourages development of good things. Possession of an Android device is not going to help you achieve all those things, but numerous apps are there which could help you along the way. All these apps have gone on to become shocking good, though they are on the expensive side. Let us flip through the popular Android fitness apps.

To start off, let us start our discussion with general fitness apps. This would include reminders, routines and various fitness related aspects. They even go on to remind the daily calorie intake, the exact time you need to drink water and a lot of other stuff. Always opt for the free versions of the app.

Runtastic apps

On your mobile device this has been one of the popular apps. In the last couple of years they have spent a lot of time in adding to their collection. This app reminds people of the time to consume water, along with healthy food recipes. There is an individual sleep tracker app along with a fitness app as part of this product. All of them are tried and tested. Most of them, but for some you need to shell out a few bucks as this could be in the form of monthly or yearly subscription.

My fitness Pal

Another popular fitness app on your mobile device as this does go on to do a bit of everything. Basically this is a calorie count app. If you are into the stuff of food, or diets this app serves to be a handy reminder. By this app you can track down exercises and small stuff like step tracking and workout timers are taken care off. The charges of this app are $9.99 every month.

Leap witness workout app

On Google play store you can locate this app with a few decent workouts. A simple app with a variety of exercises and progress tracking are the notable features of this app. A main app Home workout stresses on workout at your home with minimum effort. For each and every part of the body they have exercises and for 30 days weight loss, there is an exercise module though this app does not have a pretty UI. In fact this is cheap, does require a subscription and works out to be a viable way to remain in shape.


A popular exercise app and a fitness tracker! A customized exercise regime can be formulated helping you to get into shape. For getting yourself started there is a 6 week fitness plan. A simple stretch at your home or a full blown exercise schedule at your home can be undertaken. Though on the expensive side, this one seems to be fairly expensive.

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