Download PUBG APK For Android


While the complete name of the game is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, most of us just call it PUBG. To explain the game in a nutshell; a number of people join the same game against each other where they get discharged onto an island, and the last player standing wins.

And in order to do that, each apk download player has got to discover armaments, exterminate other players on sight, and evade danger. Each game is joined by about 100 players either they all play against each other, or at other times, they may form allies and teams. Winners earn their astral ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ badge, in addition to the in-game money that allows them to obtain improving upgrades and survival items.

There is also a unique zombie mode that basically follows alike principles. The real secret behind the massive and overwhelming success of PUBG is how simple the game actually is.

PUBG Different Modes

The game is primarily a contest to the last person standing, with 100 people battling on an 8 x 8 km island.

Three different playing modes are available for you to choose from: solo, duo, and squad, with the last mode enabling you to join another three solo players to form a 4-member team. All modes are a bit different with distinct preferences and weaknesses. The major advantage of playing in the team mode is having other people to revive, back you up, and maybe if they are professional players they will some of their advanced tactics for winning the game.

The game begins with you jumping off a plane onto the island. Once your foot touches the ground, you have to start searching for absolutely anything that may help you win, from outfits to healing equipment to weaponry.