Security Systems for Commercial Spaces


Every commercial space has the security of its property and assets as its primary concern. The crucial data and expensive assets make it more vital to ensure the utmost protection of the space. Some of the commercial properties are public places like malls, hospitals, shops, etc., which are open for all. Such places have special security needs. Your security systems must be appropriately placed and well taken care of to ensure the security of employees and visitors. This will create a safer environment for your staff and thus increase their productivity.

Different spaces require different types of security systems, depending on the threat. Which is why there are various types of security products that ensure a safer environment and lets you be worry-free. Speaking of commercial space, we know how important it is to choose the right type of security system that will cover you against all sorts of threats to your property. Although there are four main types of security systems that are necessary for every commercial space.

Read further to find which are they: 

  1. CCTV Camera – A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is found in every public as well as private space. It is the best way to keep an eye on every minute activity taking place in your property. CCTV cameras store all the footages captured, which can be used as valuable evidence in case of theft or other mishaps.

It also helps in investing. Nowadays CCTV cameras like Eurovigil I View IP 300 2mp come with IR vision captures a proper image even in low or night light. For commercial spaces, two types of cameras are necessary. A bullet camera to cover wider outdoor areas like parking lots, etc. and dome cameras for indoor spaces. Another additional benefit of placing CCTV cameras in office premises is that it helps to ensure whether the employees are abiding by the company laws.

  1. Burglary Alarm – Deterring thefts, trespassing and vandalism become possible with merely placing the burglary alarm. Three main tools make burglary alarm an essential and effective security system. The first is the motion detector, this tool detects motion/activity in the property and notifies you.

The infrared sensors detect the heat emitted by the human body and animals, the alarm triggers on sensing the increase in this temperature. Second tool is glass break detectors. Windows are the easiest target to vandalise, and so it is essential to ensure there is a security system in place to prevent it. The glass break detector detects and notifies the frequency of glass being shattered.

  1. Access Control – Access control as the name suggests, helps to manage access to your premises. With this system, you can be assured that only people entering your premises are the ones that are authorised. The authorisation can be granted by the biometric system or cards.
  1. Fire Alarm – A sound security plan is one that covers you against all threats to your property. While you make sure, there are different systems to protect you against risks like theft, robbery, etc. There is one threat that is crucial to be taken care of in time. And that is fire breakout. Fire alarms are made mandatory for many industries by law, but merely installing a fire alarm is not enough. The fire alarm should be selected and placed as per the requirement of the property and taking the risks of your respective industry into consideration.

Each of the security systems mentioned above is important for its unique purpose. If you want to keep your commercial space secured against every type of risk, make sure you have these four systems installed.