Tips for Maintaining Your Copier


Whether you need extra fliers or memos, the copier gets the job done, and because it gets used so often, it is important to maintain your copier. Protect your investment. First, always check to make sure that you have loaded the paper correctly. The manner that you have loaded paper will have a real impact on how your copier functions. Do your best not to load the paper fill in line because this can cause it to jam.

Second, you want to prevent the overheating of your office machine. While you might need around 500 copies, it is not a good choice to make these copies all at the same time. That can cause your copier to overheat and malfunction. Instead, print off smaller amounts of 50 at a time. Then, give your machine about a seven minute to cool down from use. Also, make sure that you have placed the copier in an area with proper ventilation. If you place the copier against a wall, this can interfere with its cooling system, and an overheated copier will produce sub-standard copies.

Does your copier seem to jam? If so, it is essential that you clear it as soon as possible. Avoid pressing buttons that can hurt the internal components. Remove the paper carefully, and if it rips, use tweezers to throw away the small pieces of paper. Want to learn more about maintaining your copier? For further information, contact your local printer leasing company. 

Beware: Toner Scam

Always beware of toner con artists who offer special prices for their copier supplies. A lot of businesses report that after the company misrepresented their services, the toner ends up costing 10 times the price of top-rate toner. When you fall victim to this scam, you can be invoiced for thousands of dollars in supplies that you do not need. What are some of the tactics of these scammers?

These con artists use a variety of different tactics to trick business owners. For example, they might trick employees into accepting a gift, and after they have done this, they will identify the supplies the company uses. After that, they will send unordered and overpriced cartridges with an invoice with the employee’s name in the hopes that the business believes they have to pay this invoice: You don’t! If you did not order it, you can consider it a free gift. They are breaking the law. When these scammers threaten to send a report to a collection agency, call it as it is. Bologna! Never let a “Past Due” invoice with this scam scare you into paying. These are con artists, and you do not want to support them. Brush them off and do not let them bully you into buying overpriced toner.