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People carry their smartphones wherever they go since they rely heavily on their phones. With this in mind, the likelihood of the phone becoming damaged grows as it is used regularly.

Almost every phone will have scratches on the screen, and in this article, you’ll go through the most prevalent reasons to attempt to avoid them!

After all, you’d want your phone to look as good as it did the day you got them. Furthermore, given the expensive cost of some of these gadgets, you don’t want to replace them frequently.

Read on to discover the top causes of scratches on your phone and where to find the best screen protectors in Birmingham.

Perhaps, you’ve had a dreadful experience of dropping your phone and figuring out what damage it has caused (or hoping for the best and having no marks!). This type of impact is probably one of the most prevalent sources of scratches. Because today’s phones are so thin, they may easily slip out of your hand, putting them at risk of being dropped and damaged!

Using a case with a gripping material is one approach to prevent this. A case makes the phone thicker, making it more difficult to drop, and the grip helps the phone stay in your hand or on a flat surface.

Making Use of Your Pocket

People utilise their pockets regularly to free up their hands to get on with whatever they’re doing, but this might cause your phone screen damage.

If you keep your phone in the same pocket as your keys or coins, the screen is more likely to be scratched. If you need to carry your phone in your pocket, make sure it’s in a separate pocket from other items to avoid any irritating markings. It would also help to buy tempered glass screen protectors in Birmingham.

Putting Down Your Phone

When people are out and about, they frequently put their phones down, such as on a seat or a wall. This is begging for scratches, especially with the screen pointing down! Rough edges are common on hard surfaces, and even the tiniest movement might cause harm to your screen.

Furthermore, some individuals like to lay their phone against anything or balance it on things to obtain the greatest shot viewpoint. We all want the ideal group photo, but is it worth it when your phone is at risk of being damaged?

If the phone is not properly positioned, it will frequently slip, resulting in a flattened screen or a fall from a significant height.

To keep your phone safe, make sure the surface you’re using isn’t rough or bumpy and that it’s in a position where it won’t fall.

Not Adding Protection 

Replacing a screen is significantly more expensive than purchasing a screen protector. There’s a common notion that screen protectors alter the display’s appearance or interfere with the touch sensor; this is not true. There are available top phone screen protectors in the market, with a transparent screen protector is one of the most popular, which makes you not even realise it’s there!People would frequently spend hundreds of pounds on a new smartphone yet refuse to pay for protection. The display may easily scratch or even fracture without a protective screen; thus, it’s recommended to invest the extra money to preserve it.


It’s best to avoid the common causes of phone scratches, although there will be instances when you cannot prevent them from happening. In that case, use a high-quality phone screen protector. After all, it’s far easier to change a screen protector than it is to remove scratches or replace a broken one.

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