SMS strategies that are expected to rule the market


Marketing is an evolving concept which keeps on changing. To adapt as per latest trends of marketing modules is important and a vital discover is a2p SMS solutions emerging in recent times. You have to embrace new strategies, channels to be in line with the times and hiring of a2p messaging service providers is a step in the right direction. Not only it will keep existing customers engaged but drive in new ones to your business. No doubts that SMS is an effective form of marketing and will continue to rule the market in the days to come.

Why stick to SMS?

Through mobile phones SMS are send out to customers. They are personal and delivered to your customers within a span of seconds. Coupled   with the fact that an average opening rate of SMS is at 99 %. Within 15 minutes of delivery 97 % of messages are ready by customers. Most marketers consider SMS as crucial to their marketing needs.

Strategies that you need to embrace to make SMS campaign effective

Traffic on websites has to build

When you are sending out SMS to your customers incorporate links related to your website. This would encourage the latter to pay a visit to your website. As SMS has higher response rate it is obvious that customers would be paying a visit to your website.  Once they are connected to your website chances of exploring your products or services are on the higher side. This would contribute to sales of products or subscribing to newsletters.

Put use of versatile content

Most companies normally zero in on a particular pattern of content. Customers have high end expectations and expect companies to rely on various modes of content and formulate them. There are various social media channels which customers have developed an uncanny interest. SMS can be expected to play a couple of roles. You can use it more of a direct channel of marketing and ask customers to click on a link taking you to their website.


There are various ways by which you can understand mind set of customers. This includes age, demographics, and purchasing trends. Sadly most of the companies have access to such data but are not aware on how to go about using it. You can wish customers on their birthday and inform them about a local event taking place. This goes on to provide a sense of personalization. This would establish viable connection and working towards recalling a brand.


Via a channel of SMS reliable and prudent feedback can be obtained from customers. A poll survey would give you a know how about how customers rate your service or product.  An average time span of sending out a SMS is a mere 10 seconds. By medium of SMS you can understand whether a customer is happy with your service or product. Based on customer feedback you can improve your products or services.

When you integrate SMS with other marketing channels it becomes considerably effective.