dofollow links


What do you think of when you hear about backlinks? That these are the hyperlinks that link related pages together? Probably yes! But any expert link building agency USA will know that there is much more to them. It knows that people mostly buy dofollow backlinks. But knowledge works best when shared. Thus, here in this article, we’ll share with you the knowledge you should have.

What exactly are dofollow links?

Let’s start this with a story. One day Mr. Joe asked Mr.Bubuka if he knew the difference between knowing and recommending. Mr.Bubuka being one from the SEO field smiled at his question.

“Yes! Of Course, I know!” He said, “I’ll tell you all about it alongside with a perk.”

“A perk?” Joe had his brows raised as a heap

“Yes! A slight knowledge about how we use it in link building agency too”

He told Joe that suppose he goes into the market and asks a person if he knows an ice cream shop nearby. The person might say yes to it. This would mean that he knows about an ice cream parlor nearby. But then you ask the person if the ice cream is good there or not. The person might tell you, “No Sir! We only know about the shop. We do not know about it being good or bad.” And then you might go check the parlor by yourself. This is knowing alone. It can move you from one place to another.

But suppose if the person says, “Yes Sir! It is a very good shop and we personally recommend it.” Then this is called recommending.

Mr.Bubuka said further, “Similar things happen in the SEO world too. You want people to come to your website. But you cannot let every word be a recommendation. Because it would feel spam. This is where knowing and recommending works in SEO.

The true meaning of DoFollow backlinks!

Earlier, when the internet was like a little baby with no experience on how to handle this tricky world, people used to trick it. Google’s main method to rank a website over others was to check which one had more links to it (or which one had more people talking about it). And people took it too seriously. They started commenting about their company links in the comment section, chat section, messages, and every place possible. This created a bog in the field. And this is where things got trickier.

People can generally comment about the website they love, and people can generally write articles about it. This is where dofollow links come in.

Consider dofollow links like recommendations. This means that a website is recommending your website to people. It is like a famous personality talking about you, passing a piece of his/her authority down to you. We call it link-juice in terms of SEO. Where you want a website to pass on the link juice to your page or domain, you put a dofollow link/tag there.

How to have a dofollow link?

Links, by default, stay dofollow in all cases. This means that all you need to do is to put a link in your article and Google will consider it to be a do follow. This will pass the link-juice of that domain to you. You can buy dofollow backlinks from any reputable link building agency (USA).

But sometimes all we need is to let people know about the company or simply help them. This is where no follow backlinks come in. To have a nofollow link you need to put a relevant tag like <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>

How to master Dofollow links?

Now, it comes down to how to use dofollow links wisely so they do not harm you instead. Yes! Dofollow links will always harm you if they would be coming from a low quality spammy website. What you need to do here is to keep doing regular link audits to ensure that no link is flawed there. If there is one, then you can always use the Google Disavow Tool to keep it away. If they are not disavowed, then they will harm your website negatively and your rank will surely fall on SERP. One way you might be getting these nofollow links is through Negative SEO. Negative SEO is a way where your competitors try to harm your website by intentionally linking spam websites to your domain.

When you buy dofollow backlinks, make sure that they have a higher DA and PA scores. Look for a reputable link building agency (USA) for this. Apart from it, here are few tips on how to master it –

  • Try finding the website having the same niche.
  • Do guest blogging. Many do consider this field to be a gone trend, but it is not. Google itself promotes it. However, there is one thing that it hates, which is redundant and bad quality content. Try providing the value, even when you are getting paid links.
  • Use Google Alerts to get notified when your business or website name gets mentioned. Then you can reach out to that person and ask to link back to you. This is a great way to promote natural link building.
  • Email outreach is another great way of gaining these types of links. All you need here is to write a valuable piece of content and then sail it towards those who might need it.
  • Get the words about your website or brand spread through some influencer. This will have a great reach and people can actually link to you naturally.
  • Some people also suggest to get your brand interviewed by some agency in an attempt to gain high quality backlinks. What you have to do is to look for people that speak about the niche you deal in and then ask them to take an interview.

The purpose here is to not look spammy and desperate to get links anyhow. Try providing worth to the world and you might get it back in the form of links. For example, if you are writing about backlinks, do not just copy-paste the content. Read the content first, gain the knowledge, find the issue, and then provide a solution in easy language.

One thing you need to know is that natural link building is too hard to get. This is the reason people usually go on to buy dofollow backlinks. You may sometimes think of a link building agency (USA) to be a cost alone, but it gets usually impossible to sail through the wildly competitive storm without their help.