Google Testing Out New Snippets


Recently, Google began testing a new snippet feature called multifaceted featured snippets for desktop search results. Featured snippets have been a part of Google’s search results for some time now, providing users with the answer to their search without them having to click on a link and read through an entire webpage or article. With multifaceted featured snippets, Google will begin showing multiple featured snippets for certain searches in an attempt to address queries more thoroughly.

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Why Show Multifaceted Featured Snippets?

Google is quite adept at analyzing the exact question that a user is asking and providing an accurate answer. Some questions, though, are broad enough or ambiguous enough that a single answer can potentially be misleading. For example, if a user searches “what plants need full sun”, it would be helpful for Google to provide a snippet that defines “full sun” as well as a snippet that details which plants need full sun since the term “full sun” is somewhat ambiguous. Multifaceted featured snippets won’t show up for all search results, though; if a search is straightforward enough to thoroughly address with just one featured snippet, only one featured snippet will be shown.

In the end, the feature is simply designed to provide more useful information to Google users more easily. Given that featured snippets have become a well-loved feature, it seems likely that multifaceted featured snippets will pass Google’s testing and be rolled out for desktop searches sometime in the near future, especially considering that Google has already implemented the feature for mobile searches.

What do Multifaceted Featured Snippets Mean for Website Owners?

Having a section from your website show up in the featured snippet section of a search result can be very rewarding since it pushes your link to the very top of the search results. Of course, the drawback of featured snippets is the fact that users might be able to find what they are looking for and click away without ever visiting your link, but this drawback is more than offset by the prime positioning that showing up in the featured snippet section provides you.

The introduction of multifaceted featured snippets means that website owners will now have even more chances to show up in the featured snippet section for searches they might not otherwise show up for at all. In other words, this feature will offer new opportunities for website owners who know how to take advantage of it.