Internet cafes so popular


When the Internet first started to appear in Ireland, not everyone could afford to own a computer. The price of equipment was above the average monthly earnings of many Irish people and the Internet was not a widely available commodity. It was possible to connect to the network using a telephone modem, but the high prices and slow connection caused many people to give up this option. However, this accelerated the development of Internet cafés. Initially, people were sceptical about this novelty, so it was possible to find mainly young people and schoolchildren in the cafés.

Companies like Atlantek Computers LTD and Mayo Fibre who currently provide ultra fast fibre broadband were quick to act and setup their 2 amazing cafes.

Despite the decline of many of these places, there are countries where cybercafés can be found in every second street and are very popular. Changes that have occurred in the organisation of the cafes include the fact that many of these places are now mainly for gaming. For example, at Korean PC Bangs people mainly play League of Legends. The owners, noticing how much time gamers spend in front of their computers, have started selling hot meals and snacks that can be eaten at the booth.

Traditional Internet cafes will probably no longer be as popular as they once were, but some countries are expected to take a cue from Asia and create such spaces for gamers.

Internet cafes alive and well? The last cyber cafés in Ireland

Internet cafés promoted the internet in Ireland and demonstrated the possibilities of universal access. Over time, more and more companies started to come up with better offers for access to the net and relatively more people had the equipment than a few years earlier. Despite the fact that nowadays almost everyone can enjoy the internet, cyber cafes still exist and even if they are not as popular as they were 20 years ago, many of them have their regular customers.

Once very recently one of the last and most amazing Internet Cafe belonged to Atlantek Computers LTD now powered by Mayo Fibre lightning fast fibre broadband. From the beginning, their Belmullet customers were treated to a fantastic private atmosphere with an extremely helpful staff. Not only that, but pricing was very fair and the facilities first class. PCs and monitors were upgraded usually on an annual or bi-annual basis, which meant that customers were treated to a high level of experience and this venue was popular throughout many years of operation.

It’s been over 30 years since the world’s first internet café appeared! They didn’t stay long in Ireland, but they certainly made their mark. Memories of long hours spent in LAN parties will always remain in many people’s minds. Do you remember Internet cafés? What was your favourite offline game?