Sketch vs Adobe XD - which is better for designing websites?


What is better sketch or Adobe XD? These are two softwares that probably every web designer out there knows about. Well, when we ask what is better? Sketch or XD? If observed deeply then there is not a single answer that’s hundred percent correct because what works best for one developer might not work best for another one. So it’s really about each individual and how they’re used to working and what kind of tools they’re using and what kind of computer they’re using. All of that have to be taken into consideration.

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Even though Photoshop at its core is mainly used for image editing and image processing but Adobe came up with XD which is well meant for UI and UX design. Most of the Adobe XD to WordPress service agencies prefer to use it. While, A lot of designers use sketch and also are developing plug-ins for sketch and its support for third party plug-in. These are one of the core features of sketch.

Let’s see about the main differences between XD and sketch


First of all XD doesn’t have a lot of plug-ins where sketch does and it has a huge library of plug-in made by the sketch community. Basically on sketch, you can get plug-in to do all sorts of things like automatically add padding and margin to specific elements or change the aspect ratio of an element to a predefined or a manual one. Sketch plug-in community is very large; XD on the other hand being relatively new still doesn’t have lots of plug-in.


Now let’s talk about pricing. This is also very important aspect in sketch right now starts at $99 per year. That’s basically for the app itself and for a year of updates once you purchase sketch you own it forever but you only get updates for a year so if that year passes you can still use sketch but you won’t be able to update it the newest versions for that you would have to renew your license which is $99 per year. XD on the other hand is free to use.

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mes with the app. Of course you can use the app if you want but you have some limitations on the shared prototypes design specs and cloud storage and also the type kit is limited to just a few fonts. If you purchase as a single app then you have some upgrades as well. But if you’re just starting out you don’t need, the free version is definitely enough.


Now let’s talk about platforms because this is where things suddenly become black and white and that’s because sketch is Mac only so if you don’t have a Mac you cannot use it and Macs as we all know are pretty expensive and this might be a deterrent for most people. They’re not going to simply get a Mac just to work on the sketch they’re going to stick with what they know and what they have which is a Windows PC in which case their only option is to use XD which is cross-platform. It works on both Mac OS and Windows.

Well this is not the definite answer that one is better than other but it depends on you which one you think is better for you. If you have a Mac desktop then you absolutely go for Sketch but if you think Adobe XD would be better then you can use it absolutely.