Web Designer


In today’s world, having an established online presence denotes the authority of your brand. People are more likely to trust companies that have a heavy online presence. Considering this and your competitors, investing in a new website or upgrading your previous one can be intimidating. Hiring a professional with the expertise of web design can help you with this. Here are the top 7 things that will guide you to hire the best web designer for you.

Know your website goals

Before looking for a web designer, make sure you know what exactly you want from your website. Have a vision, surf through and wishlist websites that you want your one to look like. Note down features like blogs, interactive reviews, animations, and other similar attributes which you would like to incorporate.

Get some referrals

You can ask your network to enlighten you about reputed web designing companies or freelancers they have worked with or know. You can shortlist them based on their track records, experience, or previous projects. You can also search on the web or look for the web designer of your favorite websites.

Pricing of the services

There are a lot of factors involved in the complete web designing process like domain name, hosting, design, SEO, etc. Your pricing depends upon the features and services you would like to opt for. However, you may ask your designer to provide an estimate, their billing policies, and rates for various services.

Core services offered

Even if the company has its in-house team or outsources parts of the website, a quality web designing team should provide its client with web design, development, and marketing. Make sure you get graphic designs, the content of your website, domain name, online marketing, and full-time support.

Accessibility of the website to you

Make sure the content of your website is easily accessible to you. Ask your development team to provide a simple Content Management System (CMS) that will help you modify the content and customize the design according to your needs.

Time required on the project

The total time required to complete the project highly depends upon the team working on it. If the team has worked together before, chances are they will provide the website within the deadline. But, if the team outsources parts, chances are it will take longer than promised. However, you can look for their previous projects and tally the time is taken versus promised.

Ensure the website is responsive

Having an unresponsive website offers one of the most terrible experiences. No matter how valuable the content is, seeing everything misplaced, overlapped, and unordered, the audience will never return to your page. Having a responsive web design will not only enhance the mobile user experience but also help in user retention that will, in turn, improve your website’s SEO.


Besides the above-mentioned factors, your web designing company should provide you with a project manager, few revision rounds, a warranty, and most importantly, security. Once you have considered all these points, you can hire the best web designer for your requirements.