dynamic website prices in India


Running an online business these days without a good website is not possible. Websites are keystones when it comes to online business. Be it Flipkart, Amazon, or any other e-commerce website in order to win your audience in the long run your website must have a few necessary components such as good design, good look, user-friendly, and easily browsable.

According to the CSS Founder – best Web Design Company Toronto,Depending upon various parameters websites are divided into various categories but broadly it is divided into two static websites and dynamic websites.

It depends upon the user which website Category he prefers. Basically, it depends on the type of business you are handling.

To understand it in a broader way we need to dig deeper into these categories

What is a Dynamic Website?

A dynamic website is a website that is compatible according to user needs and time. It is developed by using various advanced components such as Javascript, PHP, and many more.

These types of websites are quite interactive and modified as per the user’s command.

Here we have listed out various benefits of dynamic websites to get a more broad outlook.


  • Updated easily
  • It is customizable which means it changes as per the need of the customer or user.
  • Highly responsive in nature which is not available on other websites
  • Easily navigation


  • High cost – it requires a great amount of money from starting to hosting and also to maintain the website
  • This website uses various complex algorithms and various intricate functions which ultimately slow down the website speed.

Static website

Webdesigncompany Vancouver says that,  A static website is not that flexible as compared to a Dynamic website because a dynamic is basically developed on various advanced technologies such as HTML, and CSS whereas Static are simply HTML codes.

Here we have listed out a few advantages so that you better understand all dynamics related to static and dynamic websites.


  • Low cost as compared to Dynamic websites
  • Simple HTML Code as compared to dynamic websites
  • Simple handling – as we know Static website doesn’t require intricate HTML code hence easily handled.


  • Not easily customizable – as it’s not based on lots of logarithms hence its user won’t get that advanced features.
  • Not so dynamic
  • Devoid of Various features

I hope you got the basic idea about what is a dynamic website and what is a static website.

For every website, the entire cost is dependent on 3 major components as Domain name, hosting, and website design and development.

And define the cost depends on various algorithms such as developer cost, developer expertise in designing websites, and other small factors such as how complex the code is. Hence the cost of a website is going to vary as per various factors.

Here we have listed out very general website cost

  • Blog website – ₹4,000/₹ – ₹5,000.
  • E-commerce website ₹10,000/
  • The dynamic Website price range is between ₹10000 – ₹5,000000. The price varies according to various features and the complexity of the code. For example, if you use PHP on any E-commerce website then it will cost approximately 50k -70k.

Till now you have a fair idea about the price of a website depending on various factors.