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I’ve been a freelance writer since 1993 and starting writing SEO content for clients in 2007. When I first got started in this niche, it was all about keywords. As in, clients would basically give you a set of keywords and give you free rein to write what you wanted – as long as it showed their company in a good light and was beneficial to the end-user (i.e., web surfers).

Back then, clients knew that keyword-rich articles drove web traffic (and sales), so they’d commission SEO writers to pump it out in great volume. Search engine optimization is maturing as an industry though. And, one of the main changes I see happening as an SEO writer is that clients are investing in “SEO content strategies.” What is this?

What Is a Content Strategy?

Freelance SEO Writers: 3 Reasons a Content Strategy Means More Work & Higher Pay for You

If you’re an SEO writer, you want clients who have developed a content strategy because it signals good things for you, namely:

(i) You’ll develop long-term clients: When clients have a plan for their content, they tend to think in terms of “campaigns” rather than one-off articles. And, if you’re the SEO writer they hire, you’ll likely be around for a while.

(i) You’ll get more SEO writing jobs from clients like this: When clients think in terms of campaigns, they tend to order more content. More content means more work for you as an SEO copywriter.

(iii) You can charge more for writing SEO content: You’ll be able to charge more because clients are going to want more in-depth content. You see, search engines like Google reward content that is well-rounded, not just stuffed with a certain keyword phrase.

Also, search engines are trending towards ranking longer content; paraphrased content can help you write the longer content with ease, See this website to get more help with rephrasing text. The search engines are ranking No more short, keyword-stuffed articles that say practically nothing which is written just to get a page to the top of search results. Search engines are smarter now.


The bottom line is that the companies are pouring more and more of their marketing dollars into search engine optimization. And, content marketing is getting a huge share of these dollars. All of this means it’s a great time to be an SEO writer.