Buying a Domain


A good domain name gives your business an identity and helps the Internet users to find you online. However, it is not easy to acquire a domain for a business website. You have to go through a process of searching and finding your desired name and buying it at an affordable price. The cost of a domain depends on its popularity and availability. With an appropriate name for your website, you get more web traffic and customers. A domain price check will help you find a domain at a low price, as well as choose the best package deal.

It is not enough to just have a well-designed business website, but it is also essential to have a captivating name that helps prospective customers to reach it easily. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines for picking a right domain for your brand at a reasonable price. If you have your business in Australia, and you want to attract local customers more than those from other countries, it would be better to get ‘.au’ domain name. It will add credibility to your business, increase brand awareness and enable your local customers to know that you are running a legitimate business.

You can have your choice of a domain name at the most affordable plans with the best domain registrar. Nevertheless, you need to consider the following to attain a perfect domain package deal.

1. Look for the best domain package deals

You can find innumerable domain registration companies selling exciting plans for one, two, five and more years. For country-specific top-level domains, you have,,,,, .melbourne and .sydney. With good domain registrars, you can buy them at attractive prices for two-or five-year deals.

2. Check for hidden fees

When it comes to domain registration, the price plays a significant role. There are chances that you may be lured into purchasing a domain name at a very low price. You need to be careful here, for some domain registrars may offer you a name for an extremely low price as a promotional offer, and hide other fees or charges in the contract. For instance, the renewal price of a domain may be high.

It is advisable to stay away from registration companies that sell domains at rock-bottom prices with the intention of making money:

By adding hidden costs: Some registrars think that most website owners don’t read the terms of service given in the fine print. When you make a decision to buy a domain, review the terms and conditions for any hidden fees and obligations.

Charging administration fee: A domain when registered is published in the WHOIS directory for people to view it. In case there is any change in the information, you should be allowed to make the changes without any cost. There are some registrars who demand an administration fee for this.

3. Privacy protection

The domain registration details can be viewed by anyone on the WHOIS directory. Several businesses choose to keep their details private to protect them from scammers and spammers. Most registrars offer privacy protection, and it comes along with the package deal. You need to check for any additional or premium charge for this service, which may be charged extra by some registrars.

4. Look for transparency

When deciding on a domain package deal, check for the transparency in pricing. For example, the renewal rates and transfer and cancellation processes should be clearly provided without any surprises later on.

This makes it important to conduct a domain price check before you decide on a reliable registrar for your domain name registration.