Solution Of The Access4 Platform For Cloud Voice And Collaboration


Access4 is a leading provider of enterprise communications and collaboration software to fulfill business needs. It is also known as SASBOSS. It helps to provide profit in the product development with the help of best providers and end to end partners enablement.

History of Access4:

It is founded in 2016 in the managed services industry to provide telecommunication and collaboration software to the market. The Minimum Support Price was suitable to sell voice solutions for all types of business. To fulfill this, the cost and resources that the Minimum Support Price need was too much to enter and succeed in business.

Therefore the founder gathered qualified people created a small business of an automated platform to sell, provision, and invoice customers. Now, SASBOSS helps maximize your business’s profits and the latest features and functionality delivered in the managed and tested environment.

Features Of This Leading Platform:

There are many brilliant features of the Access4 as follows:

  • The cloud-based IP telephony solution provides transitions to all types of business. They are comfortable and cost-efficient. It does not have any PBX solutions. They activate the telephony features. These features involve call handling, management, and features. Its Geo-redundant solution helps to support the business continuity plan.
  • The Microsoft Team Calling provide easy setup and onboarding with automated Powershell© scripting. To support the changing business needs. They give monthly services. They give carries grade infrastructure and business continuity. They provide quite fast automated invoicing.
  • Their unified communications gives your cloud-based solution to grow your business. Its features include call forwarding, call routing, IVR, call recording, call analytics and AI, custom hold music, etc.
  • They will activate your call center solution. It will be helpful and for your business and provides dozens of licenses. With the help of this solution. You can quickly transfer calls and keep a check on the presence of customers. It will create a medium for the call center agents to manage the calls and escalate to the emergency supervisors. It will provide live calls, insight, and reporting to provide visibility.

These are some of the solutions provided by them. It will help you to enhance your business and progress and grow your profit. Whether small or big, many companies are using these solutions to expand their business and have better communication and collaboration with the customer with the best providers’ help.

This cloud voice and collaboration will be necessary to succeed in your business needs. These feature set helps to make it easier for us to beat our competitors. It will enable you to offer the best way to communicate with their customers and across the enterprise.