best Dedicated Server


Creating a website, whether it is an e-commerce site, a showcase site or a service platform, involves selecting a suitable server, hosting that suits your security needs , power and storage. You have several choices: shared hosting, virtual server or dedicated server. It is the latter that will interest us here. Why choose it? This is what we will see.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is an IT service made available to a single client by the host. It can be managed remotely via the Internet or directly from the host using a KVM over IP. It is a machine with all the resources, both hardware and software, essential for the proper functioning of a website.

In addition, the customer is able to have a personalized service, thanks to exclusive features implemented by the host. This solution is highly recommended for all companies, due to the many advantages offered. We are going to take an interest in it.

What are the advantages of the dedicated server?

Power: generally, a dedicated server is much more powerful than a shared server.

More secure hosting: unlike shared hosting, no one other than you will have access to your server. Therefore, if you have sensitive and confidential data (customer information for example), this type of accommodation is definitely the one we recommend. In addition, depending on the plan you choose, you can fully manage your server as an administrator.

The possibility of using applications: the cheap dedicated server unmetered is able to support the use of a massive database or heavy applications.

A financially more attractive solution: companies have very specific needs. Also, it is much more interesting to turn to a dedicated server, which can provide you with domain names, e-mail accounts, FTP and other services in a single subscription.

The dedicated server therefore represents the preferred solution for professionals and businesses . However, certain criteria must be taken into consideration before launching and contacting a host Dedicated server hosting.

Technological criteria to take into account

The choice of processor: it intervenes in the power of your dedicated server. If the site you want to set up requires the availability of many resources (this is the case, for platforms using SQL servers, instant messaging, etc.), you will have to opt for a dedicated server with two processors, or more. Do not hesitate to share your needs with your Geek Specialist, who can advise you on accommodation with sufficient performance for your project.

Memory: this is the data storage capacity, influencing the speed of processing and loading of applications. The more you choose a comfortable memory, the faster your site will load, significantly impacting your SEO and user experience.

One or more hard drives?

Opting for a main hard drive coupled with a memory drive is a good solution if you need to back up sensitive data.