Popular Products on Amazon


It’s not as difficult as you may imagine deciding what to sell on Amazon and how to sell it. You may conduct most of your research on the site for free. We’ve put together this guide to help you pick a low-risk, high-return product to sell on Amazon. Keep reading to learn about top-selling things, what you should sell, and how to conduct research to make sure whatever you’re selling is a safe bet on the e-commerce giant. There are Popular Products on Amazon among which you can choose.

Amazon’s Most Popular Products

Let’s start by looking at some of Amazon’s best-selling products for ideas. Amazon maintains a list of current best-sellers, including anything from toys to books to video games, and it is updated hourly. Here are some of our recent favorites:

Clothing, footwear, and jewelry

The Shoes & Jewelry area is undeniably popular, but it’s also overcrowded, so you need to make sure you’re able to offer something distinctive at a reasonable price. People don’t shop on Amazon for high-end brands; instead, they hunt for bargains. The most popular things right now are a basic sleeveless tank top, blue-light-blocking eyewear, and high-waisted leggings in a variety of 25 colors, all of which are under $17.


Books areza hugely popular category on Amazon, especially as physical bookstores continue to close their doors. New releases and best-sellers, as well as classics from the past, are all on sale for less than $20. As a seller, books are an excellent alternative because you can buy them in bulk and then resell them on Amazon for a good return.


Devices is another Amazon category featuring great deals on some of the world’s most popular electronics, such as a Fire TV Stick and an Alexa-enabled Echo Dot speaker (both under $50). If you can buy gadgets in volume, there is another exciting field.

Toys and games

Some of the top-selling games on Amazon are surprising in their simplicity; the third best-selling item, for example, is an introductory $6 deck of Monopoly Deal cards.

How to research Amazon.com?

It’s vital to note that you should research shipping charges and Amazon seller fees to know how much you’ll need to spend based on your purchase. This information might help you narrow down your options; for example, a two- to a three-pound item will be lightweight and easy to transport, lowering your shipping costs. Along with weight, you’ll want to think about things that won’t break easily when being transported.

To manually research popular products on Amazon, start with Amazon’s best-selling items in a specific category. This will help you determine which product to offer. After you’ve looked into a category and its sub-categories, you should be able to narrow down a niche. When browsing Amazon’s best-sellers list, have a look at the “Customers also bought” section for suggestions on similar items.

After you’ve made a list of items, use Google Keyword Planner to see if those items have a high search volume, which suggests demand. Alternatively, you might use Sellerapp’s Amazon-specific product intelligence service.