the Business Organization Prefer to use the Legacy AS400 server


The business sector is booming thru the concept of enterprise resource planning, which involves the procedure to manage the information of an organization completely. The AS400 server is the evolution of the power system and is a product of IBM came into existence in 1988, and currently, people are using it as a combination of midrange computers like IBM system, and iSeries. The companies have to pay the charge only for the IBM license, and they don’t charge any additional cost for activation, user count, or software, hardware support fee. They develop it mainly for business and enterprise resource planning purposes, and most of the leading companies are using this server. The programming language to code in the server is a report program generator that will integrate into DB2. It also supports assembly language, Pascal, Cobol, Python, Rexx, Perl, Pascal, and Java.

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Multi-national companies prefer this server because of its stability, compatibility, adaptability, flexibility, performance, scalability, reliability, and dependability. Even though cloud technology is getting popular, because of a lack of IT support, people prefer to stay in the old servers. It is used to store an enormous amount of data and hence it is highly useful in the industries like logistics, manufacturing, information technology, health care, retail, insurance, banking, and software.

Features of AS400 IBM Server

  • High performance and hardware redundancy, and low downtime.
  • Supports multiple operating systems thru logical partitioning and there is a wide range of options available depending on the company size. It supports small businesses, larger enterprises, distributed networks, and web applications.
  • It reduces the cost of purchasing new hardware or its configuration.
  • It is versatile to use for all-purpose and is a perfect replacement for personal computers and web servers.
  • It acts as a repository to store large data in the data mining and warehouse industries.
  • It acts as a development system in the commercial application that uses the Java language.
  • As400 handles the internet serving in the eCommerce sector by supporting the steps like taking orders, collaborating with partners, suppliers, and providing customer support.
  • This server protects the client’s information from unauthorized persons and restricts confidential information.
  • It prevents the alteration of data from unauthorized resource, restricts data manipulation, and safeguards the information.
  • Prevents the destruction of data, system resources, and accidental deviations.
  • It protects the customer’s sensitive information by encrypting thru algorithms and masks the data.
  • It is highly automatable and helps the business organization to free the resources and the effort for the team.

The business-to-business packages like SAP, People Soft, SSA, Baan runs only on AS400. Because of its compatibility, you have the facility to run both the modern and old program coding in the recent AS400 server, and they carry new hardware and software updates bi-annually. It has single-level storage, uses kernels of object-based, and is more efficient in disaster management, and data disruption.