Tips and Tricks to Find the Right Keywords


It is no wonder keywords are a crucial part of SEO. In fact, keywords can break or make your SEO campaign. While increasing web traffic is a priority, targeting and attracting the right audience is a necessity. Some keywords might drive traffic but not revenue. If you choose the wrong keywords, you’ll be spending money and time ranking for keywords that don’t drive any revenue. That’s why it is essential to choose the right keyword to succeed with SEO Sydney.

So how will you pick the right keyword for your SEO and content marketing? Here are some tips shared by our SEO consultants Sydney:-

Create a Keyword List

The first and foremost step is to create a list of keywords. You don’t have to worry about CPC, competition or any of that. Our goal is to get a bunch of keywords. Use Google keyword planner to get the keywords as it is exclusively designed for Google Ad campaigns. Besides, it is also an amazing tool for SEO keyword research.

When you are creating the list of keywords, think like a customer. Yes, identify your target audience and see it from your customer’s perspective. If you want to find a service or product, what would you type in Google search box? Use the right phrases that are relevant to the product or service you are offering.

Analyse Your Competitors

Now that you have the list of keywords, it is time to study the competition. Identify your competitors and visit their website to see the keyword they have used for targeting the audience. Read your competitors’ contents and Meta tags to find the keywords. Analysing the competitor’s keywords not only help to broaden your keyword list ideas but also give valuable insights into how they have used the key phrases to target the audience.

Identify Search Volume

Now, you want to find out how many people search for the keywords in your list. Every industry is unique. But, it is worth identifying the search volume of a particular keyword to target the right keyword for your business.

Assess Earning Potential

It is common for a keyword to have a lot of searches and high or low competition. But, what you need to identify is that will that keyword generate revenue? It is not necessary to target keywords that are related to what you sell. But, target keywords that your customer search for what you are selling or offering.

Analyse the Results

Once you choose the keywords, monitor and analyse the results. There are trending phrases along with new keywords your competitors may be using. Do not stuff the keywords but ensure to insert them in your blog posts, Meta tags, social media contents, and website content.

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